2007 LOL Mini-HEP School

La Crosse, Wisconsin
June 22-24, 2007
Featuring Flipside,
2006 International 5th Place Medalists from Portland, Oregon

...and Jim DeBusman, Bruce Odell, Ron Rank, Dan Heike, and more!

This web page contains information about the Mini-HEP School for the Land O' Lakes District of SPEBSQSA, coordinated by John Plazek (jplazek@execpc.com).

HEP stands for Harmony Education Program. It's a great way to immerse yourself in your hobby, barbershop harmony, at a very reasonable cost and relatively close to home. Read on for a detailed description of the classes offered in this weekend. At the end of this page there is an order form that you can print out and mail in.

A course for the front line director. Dealing with retention, motivation, mutual problems in large and small choruses, principles of good directing, plus a chance to direct the class with valuable input about your directing style.

A course for Assistant Directors, Music Team members, Section leaders or anyone wanting to learn to direct a chorus or an audience..

This is your chance to observe the coaches in action coaching choruses and quartets.

What do two "b"s and "#"s mean in the key signature? Where is middle "C"? What do the lines and spaces mean? Are these just some of the questions you have? Well, then this class is for you!

A course covering basic support techniques, tone placement and support, relaxation of the singing mechanism, tone quality and correct vowel formation. Individual help. A must for novice and veteran alike.

This 4-hour session will review how chapters can position themselves to acquire money from community resources. Sponsorships, community foundation grants and other fund raising activities will be covered. Class exercise will include proposal writing.

This is your chance to learn the fine art of "ear-singing", better known as woodshedding. If you have an "ear" this is for you! Experienced or novice!

QUARTET COACHING -- "Flipside," Ron Rank, Dan Heike, and more... (8 hours)
ALL levels of experience are welcome from novice to seasoned veteran. Please bring your uniform for the Saturday Night Show if you want to sing.

(NOTE: Limited to the First 10 Quartets; Register Early!)

CHORUS COACHING -- "Flipside," Ron Rank, Dan Heike, and more... (4 hours)
This is an excellent opportunity for your chorus to receive help from some of the best coaches in our Society. If your needs are visual or vocal, these people can help! In addition, all chorus members choose one (1) 4 hour class. Quartets in your chorus can be coached for the opposite 4 hour class.

(NOTE: Limited to the First 4 Choruses; Register Early!) Watch the "Pitch Piper" & the "LOL Web Page" for Up-Dates!

All of this for only $109.00! (EARLY REGISTRATION BEFORE MARCH 31, 2007)

NOTE: $119.00 if postmarked after MARCH 31, 2007

And it covers four meals (3 Sat & 1 Sun), lodging, free music, the Saturday Night Show & Afterglow, a FREE Mini-HEP 2007 T-Shirt (the first 100 Registrations), and a staff that just can't be beat!!!

Remember, the tuition for LO'L District schools is a legitimate chapter expense. Perhaps your chapter will offer scholarships to the "Mini-HEP."
-------- (cut here and mail in) --------

Registration Form

(Please! Indicate Your 1st AND 2nd Class Choice )

Choose TWO (2) 4 hour classes

Choose a 1st & 2nd AM choice:
____ Vocal Production (AM)
____ Adv. Chorus Directors (AM)
____ Woodshedding Workshop (AM)
____ Coaching Apprentice (AM)
____ Strategies For Fund Raising (AM)
(Limited: 1st 4 Choruses)
NOTE: Chorus members should also
choose one (1) PM Class
Choose a 1st & 2nd PM choice:
____ Vocal Production (PM)
____ Woodshedding Workshop (PM)
____ Coaching Apprentice (PM)
____ Strategies For Fund Raising (PM)
(Limited: 1st 4 Choruses)
NOTE: Chorus members should also
choose one (1) AM Class

-OR- choose an all-day course:
____ Joe Barbershopper Class (ALL DAY)
____ Director of the Future (ALL DAY)
____ QUARTET COACHING (Limit: 1st 12 Organized Quartets) (ALL DAY)

Enclosed is my check for $109.00 per person (payment in full) or $119.00 if postmarked after MARCH 31, 2007, or a minimum $50.00 per person (non-refundable) deposit. [U.S. Funds]. If full payment is not received by the above deadline, then the total due is $119.00 Make checks payable to the "Land O' Lakes District" and mail on or before May 15, 2007 to:

John S. Plazek, Dean
5859 S 42nd Street
Greenfield, WI 53221
Email: jplazek@execpc.com

(NOTE: Quartets should list all of the members on a separate sheet with each member's
T-Shirt size and who should receive ALL of the school info for the quartet!)

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Name of Quartet / Chorus ____________________________________________

Quartet Contact: _____________________________________________________

Address :  __________________________________________________________

City/ State or Prov / ZIP:  ______________________________________________

Phone: (____) ___________________ (Hm)  and  (____) _________________ (Wk)

Chapter Number & Name. (H_____)_________________________________________


 T-Shirt Size:      S      M       L      XL       XXL      XXXL   
(What you order is what you get!)
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