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"LOLnet," the LOL barbershop mailing list, is an email address that relays messages to a list of subscribers who enjoy barbershop harmony and want to discuss topics pertinent to the Land O' Lakes District of SPEBSQSA. It is sort of an offshoot of the "Harmonet," the mailing list for barbershop harmony fans worldwide.

LOLnet is really not intended to be a "chat line"; it's more for occasional news. We'd like to keep traffic fairly low on it, so that no one needs to unsubscribe because they can't keep up.

In order to prevent "spam" (junk mail) from polluting it, LOLnet is a moderated mailing list. This means that each post must be approved by the moderator. While this makes for a cleaner, higher quality list, it may mean that there is some lag time between the time you send your message and the time it gets distributed. Also, it may not go out at all, if it doesn't meet the criteria (see the FAQ for more details).

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