Experimental change in ladder algorithm

Here are some results using the old method and new method for calculating the racquetball ladder results from Jan. 1-26, 2005:

At first glance, you might say, "Hey, Tom, you said the new algorithm would make for LESS bouncing around, but my scoring change is GREATER with the new algorithm!"

Yes, that's true -- but remember that each point is worth less now, since everyone's rank was multiplied by 2.5x.

For example, my change of ranking points was -20 in the old system and -33 in the new. But that -20, if translated by the same 2.5x that all our points were, would be -50, so the -33 is moving MORE SLOWLY with respect to the ranking points and bracket size.

Another way to think about it is if we kept all the points the same, but started using fractional points. The only meaning of ranking points is the bracket size and the points transferred in a match, so everything is relative.

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