March Madness

@ Highland Fitness

When: Saturday March 9th, 2002

Where: Highland Fitness l 910 Bridgewater Ave. Chippewa Falls, WI

Registration Deadline: Tuesday March 5th, 2002

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Address______________________ City____________________ State__ Zip________

Phone # (Day)_________________ Eve_____________________

E-mail address__________________________________________

Phone # (Day)_________________ Eve_____________________

Shirt Size: M_____ L_____ XL_____

Please enter me in the following events. (Please specify a second choice if first does not fit.)

Singles: Men Women

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C o o

Entry Fees: 1st event - $20; 2nd event - $10

Start times: Please call (715) 723-3800 after 6pm on Thursday March 7th.

Awards: A quality award will be given out to 1st, 2nd, and Consolation winners

Sponsors: West Wisconsin Distribution

Racquetball Tournament Waiver

I hereby for executors, administrators, and myself waive and release any and all claims I may have against Highland Fitness and the sponsors of this tournament for any and all injuries.


Signature (if under 18, parent or guardian must sign)

For more information, contact Mike Wiseman at:

Home: (715) 720-0743

Work: (715) 720-5188


Credit card information

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